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Luca Paulina

5 posts by Luca Paulina


Juju GUI 2.0

by Luca Paulina on 28 June 2016

Juju is a cloud orchestration tool which enables users to build models to run applications. You can just as easily use it to deploy a simple WordPress blog or...


Design in the open

by Luca Paulina on 28 June 2016

As the Juju design team grew it was important to review our working process and to see if we could improve it to create a more agile working environment. The...


Designing machine view

by Luca Paulina on 13 October 2014

A few weeks ago we launched ‘Machine view’ for Juju, a feature designed to allow users to easily visualise and manage the machines running in their cloud...


Come and meet us at dConstruct

by Luca Paulina on 2 September 2014

Ubuntu is sponsoring the dConstruct “Living with the network” event on the 5th of September at the Brighton Dome. Stop by for a chat with the team, grab some...


Designing a product you don’t use

by Luca Paulina on 27 September 2013

Over the last year we have been working on the Juju GUI to reach a broader audience. Juju is a way of building complex cloud environments. It connects...