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30 posts from September 2023

Ubuntu AI podcast: Understanding MLOps and Observability

By Hasmik Zmoyan, 29 September 2023

Ubuntu AI podcast Welcome to Ubuntu AI podcast! From fun experiments to enterprise projects, AI became the center of attention when it comes to innovation,...

Digital innovation in finance – the open source imperative

By Kris Sharma, 29 September 2023

Digital innovation is transforming finance. Advances in financial technology such as mobile money, peer-to-peer (P2P) or marketplace lending, robo advice, and...

Meet Canonical at MLOps World 2023

By Andreea Munteanu, 28 September 2023

The AI Roadshow lands in the USA Date: 25-26 October 2023 Location: Renaissance Austin Hotel, Austin, Texas Book a meeting The Canonical AI Roadshow will soon...

Canonical releases Charmed MLFlow

By Canonical, 26 September 2023

Canonical announced today that Charmed MLFlow, Canonical’s distribution of the popular machine learning platform, is now generally available. Charmed MLFlow...

Meet Canonical at India Mobile Congress 2023

By Serdar Vural, 22 September 2023

India Mobile Congress (IMC) is the largest telecom, media, and technology forum in Asia, jointly organised by India’s Department of Telecommunications and the...

Join Canonical and the Ubuntu Community at UbuCon LA

By Aaron Prisk, 21 September 2023

UbuCon LA is an annual gathering of free and open source enthusiasts, experts and industry leaders all coming together in Latin America. Since 2010, the...

Open source tooling at GITEX Global

By Hasmik Zmoyan, 21 September 2023

Innovate at speed with AI. Stay secure and compliant with Ubuntu Pro Date: 16-20 October 2023 Location: Dubai, UAE Booth: Booth B31, Hall 26, DevSlam...

Start your Ubuntu Confidential VM with Intel® TDX on Google Cloud

By Hugo Huang, 20 September 2023

Confidential computing directly addresses the question of trust between cloud providers and their customers, with guarantees of data security for guest...

Canonical partners with AMD to enable Ubuntu on AMD Kria™ K24 SOMs

By Felicia Jia, 19 September 2023

Canonical has partnered with AMD (since from when it was still Xilinx) for many years and we jointly deliver optimised/certified Ubuntu on multiple AMD device...

Display graphs for WebRTC Statistics API data using ChartJS and React

By lorumic, 18 September 2023

WebRTC is an open-source technology that enables Real-Time Communications (RTC) in a web browser. It provides software developers with a set of application...

Fast SDV prototyping in automotive with real-time kernel

By Bertrand Boisseau, 18 September 2023

How you can use real-time computing to prototype software defined vehicles in the cloud

Ubuntu AI Podcast: Canonical AI Roadshow

By Hasmik Zmoyan, 14 September 2023

The podcast Welcome to Ubuntu AI podcast! From fun experiments to enterprise projects, AI became the center of attention when it comes to innovation, digital...

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