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Join Canonical and the Ubuntu Community at UbuCon LA

Aaron Prisk

on 21 September 2023

UbuCon LA is an annual gathering of free and open source enthusiasts, experts and industry leaders all coming together in Latin America. Since 2010, the conference has rotated between different countries in the region with this year’s event taking place in Medellín, Colombia. Folks who attend can expect to find a broad spectrum of talks, workshops and unique networking opportunities that cover topics that include: Ubuntu, security, AI/ML, robotics, public & private cloud, community and many others.

Canonical at UbuCon LA

Canonical is a proud sponsor of UbuCon LA and is thrilled to have a number of speakers represented this year:

Juan Pablo Noreña will be showcasing the power of Microk8s and MicroCloud in an example of how it’s easier than ever to create your own cost-effective cloud solution. Learn how you can implement these tools while experimenting with LLMs and Kubeflow: Ubuntu and the power of the cloud wherever you need it

Join Sergio Schvezov in a deep dive into the inner workings of the Firefox Snap. Learn how the Starcraft team at Canonical strived to strike the balance between security and speed in this unique technical session. Learn how they contained the blaze:  The firefox snap: from turtle to rabbit

Maria Emilia Torino is going to share her 15+ years of security expertise in a detailed talk about the vulnerabilities of traditional Linux packaging and how new packaging technologies are seeking to remedy this complex problem. Expand your security knowledge: What’s behind the security of applications that run on Ubuntu?

MLOps Product Manager, Andreea Munteanu, will be discussing the pragmatic side of Data Science and explore the unique similarities that it shares with Latin music. Discover the dance behind the data: Data science is like music: you love it but it is not easy to do

Jehudi Castro, Director of Public Cloud at Canonical, will be closing out the conference with an exciting look into the future of open source adoption in Latin America. Join Jehudi as he shares his personal experiences working within the sector and what recent studies have to say about what lies ahead: The Future of Open Source in LATAM: Challenges and Opportunities for Companies and Governments

These are just a few examples from the excellent lineup of speakers and lecturers that will be presenting this year. Be sure to check out the full UbuCon LA event programming.

Around the venue 🦋

This year’s UbuCon LA is being held in Medellín, the 2nd largest city in Colombia. Since its founding in 1616, the city has developed from a small mining town into a major industrial hub with a thriving tourist scene. Medellín is home to a world class transportation system that makes it easy to travel between its many renowned restaurants and coffee shops.

Conference events will be hosted at the “C4TA” (City of the Fourth Revolution and Learning Transformation) in downtown Medellín. For directions to the venue, please visit this Google Maps link.

Ubuntu Local Communities

UbuCon LA is supported by a joint effort from various Ubuntu Local Communities, including Ubuntu Colombia and Ubuntu Venezuela. Joining an Ubuntu Local Community is an excellent way to connect with fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts and help advocate for the usage and spread of open source in your region and around the world. Learn more about the Ubuntu LoCos program or find a team in your region.

Register for UbuCon LA

To register for UbuCon LA or learn more about this electric community event, please visit

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