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35 posts from March 2022

The software operator design pattern — part 2

By Michael C. Jaeger, 31 March 2022

This blog post continues with the previous blog post about design patterns and the software operator pattern. In this part, this post takes a closer look at...

Design patterns and the software operator — part 1

By Michael C. Jaeger, 31 March 2022

In the early days of software development, computers were sold with compilers and interpreters. Users wrote mostly their own small programs instead of buying...

Operator Day hosted by Canonical at Kubecon EU 2022

By Michael C. Jaeger, 31 March 2022

May 16th 2022, virtual eventWeek of KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2022 What is Operator Day? Software operators are crucial elements in the Kubernetes...

OpenStack Yoga on Ubuntu LTS delivers highly performant infrastructure for telcos and researchers with SmartNICs and DPUs

By Canonical, 31 March 2022

March 31, London – Canonical today announced the general availability of OpenStack Yoga on Ubuntu 22.04 Long Term Support (LTS) Beta and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS....

MasterClass: Concept design

By amylily, 31 March 2022

Concept design is the fundamental of interaction design and the deepest level of design decisions. A concept in this context is described as a bridge between...

A guide to Linux for embedded applications

By Edoardo Barbieri, 31 March 2022

An embedded device is a hardware and software system that performs a dedicated function within a larger computer system. It is typically resource-constrained...

LXD vs Docker

By Miona Aleksic, 31 March 2022

When talking about containers, a common confusion for potential users of LXD is that LXD is an alternative to Docker or Kubernetes. However, LXD and Docker...

The Telco Podcast

By Maciej Mazur, 31 March 2022

The telco podcast announcement

Getting started with Juju and Charmed Operators: three awesome videos

By Michael C. Jaeger, 30 March 2022

Getting started with software can be confusing – depending on the complexity of the software, of course. Despite the extensive documentation available for...

The Keys to Successful Bug Reporting

By Britt Yazel, 30 March 2022

A key principle of open source computing is the ability for users to directly engage with development efforts, the primary avenue being through the use of bug...

The State of IoT – March 2022

By Edoardo Barbieri, 30 March 2022

It’s Wednesday, and you have less than 2 days to make the quarter. Busy month with no time to catch up with the latest info? No problem! Get up to speed with...

The Evolution of the Smart Home: Future Predictions [Part 3]

By Nathan Hart, 29 March 2022

In blogs one and two of this series, we covered how far we’ve come from the earliest smart homes, including older technologies and standards, and smart-home...

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