28 posts from July 2019

Digital signage platform Xibo launches as a snap

By Canonical, 31 July 2019

The open source digital signage platform, Xibo, is now available as a snap – the universal Linux app packaging format. Xibo provides a comprehensive suite of...

Amazon EC2 On-Demand Hibernation for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS now available

By Canonical, 30 July 2019

AWS and Canonical today announce the public release of Amazon EC2 Hibernation support for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. Amazon EC2 Hibernation gives you the ability to...

A shift to the Linux app store experience

By Alex Cattle, 30 July 2019

Linux software developers historically have faced a number of challenges including fragmentation, distribution complexity and a lack of metrics into the...

Manjaro, snaps and the spirit of collaboration

By Sarah Dickinson, 29 July 2019

Linux distributions are all about freedom of choice for the end-user. However, there is a natural element of competition too. So, why did Philip Müller, one...

Edge computing monitoring with Kubernetes

By Galem KAYO, 29 July 2019

This blog demonstrates how to easily deploy monitoring tools at the edge using Kubernetes. In IoT scenarios, such a deployment brings the benefits of privacy,...

Getting started with AI

By Alex Cattle, 25 July 2019

From the smallest startups to the largest enterprises alike, organisations are using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make the best, fastest,...

Handy productivity software for your home and office

By Igor Ljubuncic, 25 July 2019

Discovery is an integral part of any store experience. Sometimes, you know what you want and need, and the experience can be short and transactional. On other...

The 10 new rules of open source infrastructure

By Stephan Fabel, 25 July 2019

Recently, I gave a keynote at the Cloud Native / OpenStack Days in Tokyo titled “the ten new rules of open source infrastructure”. It was well received and...

Getting Started with Serverless Computing using Knative

By Carmine Rimi, 25 July 2019

A portable, multi-cloud install for Knative, using Microk8s.

Mir support for Wayland

By Alan Griffiths, 24 July 2019

What is Mir, what is Wayland, do I care? Shells for graphical interfaces come in many forms, from digital signage and kiosks that just show a single full...

BT turns to Canonical Ubuntu to enable next generation 5G Cloud Core

By Canonical, 24 July 2019

Today, Canonical announces its Charmed OpenStack on Ubuntu has been selected by BT as a key component of its next generation 5G Core. Canonical, the company...

Getting started with Ubuntu Core – streaming video from a Raspberry Pi

By Galem KAYO, 23 July 2019

Artificial intelligence relies on machine vision just as much as human intelligence relies on vision. Image sensors are, therefore, crucial for AI...