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12 posts from August 2012

12.10 shortlist so far

By Canonical, 28 August 2012

12.10 shortlist, a gallery on Flickr. Today the group closed on submissions for the 12.10 wallpaper selection. The team of us involved are still working to...

Ubuntu and Unite 2012

By Canonical, 28 August 2012

We’ve already written about Unity Technologies, supporting publishing applications to Linux in the next release of their platform, Unity 4.0. Canonical...

Prototyping Navigation with JavaScript

By Anthony Dillon, 24 August 2012

I wondered if I could make an easily updateable, prototype site in order to test a number of different IA’s using an XML file to represent the sitemap. This...


By Rick Spencer, 24 August 2012

Since its April release, 12.04 LTS has had an enthusiastic reception in organisations that look to the LTS for large scale deployments that will remain in...

Calum and Mika’s cakes.

By Canonical, 23 August 2012

We are blogging a lot of cakes, so to economise on space, I’ve paired Mika and I’s latest baking attempts. Last week was my turn to bake a cake. I was...

New focus for wallpaper submissions

By Canonical, 21 August 2012

Quantal is well on the way to being the great release we’ve come to expect from Ubuntu so it’s time to add to that sheen with a set of quality wallpapers from...

ARM Server Explained

By Victor Tuson Palau, 21 August 2012

You have probably started to notice a continuous buzz around ARM Servers for the last few months: Calxeda (an System on  a Chip maker) presented their...

Fieldrunners, Spirits and BIT.TRIP BEAT debut on Ubuntu, in the Humble Android Bundle 3

By Canonical, 15 August 2012

Starting today, the third Humble Bundle for Android is available, bringing with it three games new to Ubuntu: Spirits, Fieldrunners and BIT.TRIP BEAT. Once...

Gone to the island

By Canonical, 10 August 2012

The release schedule of Ubuntu is tied to a 6 month cycle, also called cadence. Similarly, a lot of our work and planning falls onto our diaries like country...

The future is open cloud

By Canonical, 10 August 2012

Open-source software is increasingly at the heart of the biggest changes happening in enterprise computing all over the world. For me, open cloud is a perfect...

Ubuntu Online Tour

By Anthony Dillon, 9 August 2012

We realise that changing Operating System (OS) is a big thing for anyone thinking of testing something out. That becomes a huge barrier for people trying out...

An enterprise summit not to be missed! – October 2012

By Cezzaine Zaher, 8 August 2012

The cloud is disrupting the enterprise computing world, driven by the growth of open-source software. As a result, new opportunities are emerging; it’s time...