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15 posts from June 2010

Help wanted: Testing programs that use the notification area

By Matthew Paul Thomas, 30 June 2010

We have a list of dozens of Ubuntu programs that use the notification area. What we need now is a description of how each of them use it.

Doing the Polka (dot), step by step

By Canonical, 30 June 2010

Anyone who has seen the new visual identity for Ubuntu and Canonical probably noticed the marketing material includes several stunning images created of...

Discussing Unity in Linux Format

By Canonical, 28 June 2010

Issue 134 (August, 2010) of Linux Format magazine contains an interview by Jono Bacon in which I discuss Unity and other related topics. Below are the...

More tickets released for Ubuntu in Business event in London

By Canonical, 24 June 2010

Canonical and the Ubuntu UK community have joined forces to host and promote an ‘Ubuntu in Business‘ event in Brick Lane, London on July 13th – and it’s...

Art in the open

By Canonical, 23 June 2010

Are you a musician? Do you make beautiful illustrative wallpapers? Do you take amazing photographs? Do you make clever and inspiring videos or animations? You...

Introduction to Unity Launcher

By Canonical, 23 June 2010

This article illustrates briefly the main functionalities of the Launcher for Ubuntu Netbook Edition (aka Unity) and how we got there. Don’t miss the video!

Open Season : Maverick

By Canonical, 22 June 2010

It’s back and it’s bigger than ever! It’s that time of the year again, time to start hunting down those nasty trivial Papercut bugs. Huh? Papercuts? To...

Ubuntu makes Opera 9 available for easy download and installation

By Canonical, 14 June 2010

After the launch of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, Canonical is pleased to announce the availability of Opera 9 for Ubuntu. With just a few clicks of the mouse, all Ubuntu...

When users first encounter Ubuntu: six showstoppers

By Canonical, 11 June 2010

We recently conducted usability testing to see how users respond to Ubuntu on their first encounter. Overall, first impressions are good.  Typical remarks...

Quickly Run with a Ctrl+R Keyboard Shortcut in Gedit

By Canonical, 11 June 2010

I’m all about workflow, so the first thing I wanted to do when trying quickly was to make sure I could hit a keyboard shortcut to build and run from within my...

Announcing the User Experience Advocates Project

By Canonical, 10 June 2010

After working on paper cuts for a year, I realized how disorganized many open source projects affecting Ubuntu are when it comes to improving user experience....

Canonical renews the Ubuntu certification programme

By Canonical, 8 June 2010

June 8, Taipei: Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, announced today that it has extended and revised its Hardware Certification Programme for Original...

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