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People and culture archives

37 posts

Pair Programming: The Ubuntu Way

By Aaryan Porwal, 16 June 2024

At our core, we believe in Ubuntu: “I am what I am because of who we all are.” This philosophy of interconnectedness is woven into everything we do, including...

The soul of open source

By Bill Wear, 18 October 2023

The power of community-backed open source: a Canonical perspective The open-source advantage Open-source software offers unparalleled freedom to use, modify,...

Canonical at DjangoCon Africa

By Daniele Procida, 17 October 2023

DjangoCon Africa (Zanzibar, 6-11 November 2023) takes place for the very first time this year: a pan-African DjangoCon to join the family of DjangoCons that...

A call for community

By Bill Wear, 16 October 2023

Introduction Open source projects are a testament to the possibilities of collective action. From small libraries to large-scale systems, these projects rely...

Not just an annoying list of questions

By Daniele Procida, 9 August 2023

Imagine if – as a job applicant – you could put yourself right in front of the hiring lead, and tell them, in your own words, in your own time, without...

Humans may be rational, or how to collect better documentation feedback with linguistic theory

By Teodora Mihoc, 28 October 2022

Anyone who has ever built a product wants user feedback – and we in open source want it more than anyone else, and place higher demands on it than anyone...

How we hire at Canonical

By Hanna Neuborn, 25 October 2022

Hiring in a global remote first organisation is complex and takes considerable effort to create a truly fair and consistent process. Assessing talent from a...

Join our Ubuntu circle

By Bill Wear, 20 October 2022

The Ubuntu circle: We are because you are The MAAS 3.3 Beta 1 release is out.  You should take a look. Normally, a blog like this would wait for the final...

Engineering transformation through documentation

By Daniele Procida, 5 October 2022

To help bring our ambitious documentation plans to fruition, we’re going to be hiring people to work in documentation – over the next couple of years, we’ll...

Compassionate doc

By Bill Wear, 28 July 2022

Being the best open-source company in the world means building the best open-source documentation. That’s means giving appropriate respect for ownership and...

A Charming community: how to join the Juju and Charmed Operators community

By Michael C. Jaeger, 11 February 2022

If you are familiar with open source, you know that the community is what drives a project and gives its purpose, keeps it alive and thriving. So, it is...

Canonical: a world leader in remote first working

By Hanna Neuborn, 11 February 2022

Over the last two years much of the Global workforce has experienced remote working first-hand. Sound familiar? For many, this was a ‘career first’, changing...

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