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Data Systems archives

13 posts

How to secure your database

By Mohamed Wadie Nsiri, 18 August 2023

Cybersecurity threats are increasing in volume, complexity and impact. Yet, organisations struggle to counter these growing threats. Cyber attacks often...

PostgreSQL high availability made charmingly easy

By Mohamed Wadie Nsiri, 18 April 2023

In a previous blog, we talked about patterns to run a database in a highly available manner. In this blog, we present our open source recipe for PostgreSQL...

Common misconceptions behind cloud migration failures

By Mohamed Wadie Nsiri, 16 February 2023

Migrating your workloads to the cloud can bring some undeniable benefits to your organisation. For example, you can leverage cloud automation to significantly...

Should you use open-source databases?

By Mohamed Wadie Nsiri, 14 September 2022

You are not the only one asking this seemingly popular question! Several companies are torn between the rise in appeal of open-source databases and the...

Data Pipelines Overview

By Hugo Huang, 14 December 2021

A Data Pipeline is a series of processes that collects raw data from various sources, filters the disqualified data, transforms them into the appropriate...

Cloud PaaS through the lens of open source – opinion

By robgibbon, 30 August 2021

Opinion piece by Rob Gibbon – Product Manager at Canonical. All views expressed are the author’s own. The open source perspective viz. PaaS Open source...

DataOps: keeping the data flowing with Model-driven Operations

By robgibbon, 27 August 2021

DataOps: Prologue – why is it so hard? If you’ve ever lived DataOps, you’ll know that it’s a challenge at the best of times. A day in the life of a typical...

How to run Apache Spark on MicroK8s and Ubuntu Core, in the cloud: Part 4

By robgibbon, 18 August 2021

In this series, we’ve been building up an Apache Spark cluster on Kubernetes using MicroK8s, Ubuntu Core OS, LXD and GCP. We’ve learned about and set up...

How to run Apache Spark on MicroK8s and Ubuntu Core, in the cloud: Part 3

By robgibbon, 18 August 2021

If you’ve followed the steps in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, you’ll have a working MicroK8s on the next-gen Ubuntu Core OS deployed, up, and running on...

How to run Apache Spark on MicroK8s and Ubuntu Core, in the cloud: Part 2

By robgibbon, 18 August 2021

If you have followed Part 1 of this blog post, you’ll have a working setup that allows you to run MicroK8s on Ubuntu Core in a VM on your local workstation...

How to run Apache Spark on MicroK8s and Ubuntu Core, in the cloud: Part 1

By robgibbon, 18 August 2021

There are some great reasons to use nested virtualisation on compute clouds. Nested virtualisation is when you have Virtual Machines running within Virtual...

Let’s play: sharded big data PostgreSQL

By robgibbon, 28 May 2021

Everyone knows that if you’ve got big data, you need Apache Hadoop, right? It’s an affordable, horizontally scalable, clustered data processing platform ideal...

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