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14 posts

Bringing automation to telco edge clouds at scale

By Serdar Vural, 23 February 2024

Canonical and Spectro Cloud have collaborated to develop an effective and composable telco edge cloud solution, which is built with Canonical’s open source...

Canonical at AWS re:Invent – What you need to know!

By Carlos Bravo, 20 November 2023

Though the Las Vegas Grand Prix has come to a close, the Canonical team is gearing up for the next big race at AWS re:Invent, slated for November 27-December...

Docker container security: demystifying FIPS-enabled containers with Ubuntu Pro

By Valentin Viennot, 2 June 2023

In today’s rapidly changing digital environment, the significance of robust Docker container security measures cannot be overstated. Even the containerised...

DIY chiselled Ubuntu: crafting your own chiselled Ubuntu base image

By Valentin Viennot, 10 January 2023

In a previous post, I explained how we made our Ubuntu image 15 times smaller by chiselling a specific slice of Ubuntu for .NET developers. In this blog, I...

Chiselled Ubuntu containers: the benefits of combining Distroless and Ubuntu

By Valentin Viennot, 9 January 2023

Last August, we announced 6 MB-size Ubuntu base images designed for self-contained .NET applications — we called them “chiselled Ubuntu”. How did we make our...

See for yourself: the benefits of chiselled Ubuntu images in action with an ASP.NET shop demo

By Valentin Viennot, 20 December 2022

Looking for a way to improve the performance and reliability of your online shopping and payment systems during the holiday season? Look no further than...

Chiselled Ubuntu: the perfect present for your containerised and cloud applications

By Valentin Viennot, 19 December 2022

As we enter the holiday season, online shopping and payment systems are gearing up for higher traffic and workloads. Ensuring that these applications can...

Microsoft and Canonical announce native .NET availability in Ubuntu 22.04 hosts and containers

By Canonical, 16 August 2022

.NET developers are now able to install the ASP.NET and .NET SDK and runtimes from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with a single “apt install” command Canonical releases...

Canonical at the Open Source Summit North America 2022

By Valentin Viennot, 8 June 2022

The heart of open source will be beating in Austin and streamed online for the Open Source Summit North America, taking place on 20-25 June 2022. Open Source...

Create FIPS-enabled Ubuntu container images with 10-year security updates

By Valentin Viennot, 25 May 2022

Canonical’s UA and Pro customers can now fully benefit from their subscriptions directly in containerised environments and pipelines. The new UA client...

LXD vs Docker

By Miona Aleksic, 31 March 2022

When talking about containers, a common confusion for potential users of LXD is that LXD is an alternative to Docker or Kubernetes. However, LXD and Docker...

Application composability and the shipping container

By Michael C. Jaeger, 6 January 2022

The previous blog post talked about the composability of applications. The key element for composing applications is defining the relations between...

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