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Confidential computing archives

25 posts

Canonical releases Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble Numbat

By Canonical, 25 April 2024

Canonical’s 10th Long Term Supported release sets a new standard in performance engineering, enterprise security and developer experience.

What’s new in security for Ubuntu 24.04 LTS?

By Alex Murray, 24 April 2024

We’re excited about the upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release, Noble Numbat. Like all Ubuntu releases, Ubuntu 24.04 LTS comes with 5 years of free security...

Preview Confidential AI with Ubuntu Confidential VMs and NVIDIA H100 GPUs on Microsoft Azure

By ijlal-loutfi, 21 February 2024

Learn about Confidential AI preview on Azure with Ubuntu confidental VMs and Nvidia H100 GPUs, and explore how confidential computing in the cloud transforms...

Ubuntu Confidential VMs on Azure: Introducing Ephemeral OS disks & vTPMs

By ijlal-loutfi, 19 December 2023

Canonical introduces ephemeral vTPMs for Ubuntu Confidential VMs on Azure, Strengthening remote attestation. Explore the evolution of confidential computing,...

Canonical and Intel’s strategic collaboration brings you confidential computing with Intel® TDX on Ubuntu

By Canonical, 14 December 2023

Ensuring data security at run-time has long been an open computing challenge and a tough problem to solve. This gap arises because data must be decrypted in...

Ubuntu confidential VMs with Intel® TDX are now in public preview on Azure

By ijlal-loutfi, 12 December 2023

Discover the enhanced security of Ubuntu Confidential VMs on Azure. With Intel TDX technology which encrypt your workloads at run time. Explore the public...

Intel® TDX 1.0 technology preview available on Ubuntu 23.10

By ijlal-loutfi, 3 November 2023

Today’s security landscape faces a significant challenge: the lack of adequate protection for data in active use. Data breaches can happen at runtime (that...

Meet Canonical at Intel® Innovation 2023

By Felicia Jia, 8 September 2023

Intel® Innovation, one of Intel®’s flagship developer events, continues to span the worlds of architecture innovation, software tools and technology &...

TPM-backed Full Disk Encryption is coming to Ubuntu

By ijlal-loutfi, 7 September 2023

Discover Ubuntu’s latest security enhancement: TPM-backed Full Disk Encryption (FDE). This experimental feature in Ubuntu 23.10 offers improved data...

Why do you also need confidential computing for your private datacenter?

By ijlal-loutfi, 24 July 2023

Confidential computing is not limited to public cloud environments; it also has significant value in private data centers. While private data centers offer...

Start your SEV VMs on Google Cloud

By Hugo Huang, 21 July 2023

SEV is a new security feature that is available on AMD’s EPYC processors. It stands for Secure Encrypted Virtualization Secure Nested Pages. SEV provides a...

Why you need to protect your confidential virtual machine from itself

By ijlal-loutfi, 11 July 2023

Confidential computing disrupts the traditional threat model by decoupling resource management from data access. It introduces new CPU security extensions...

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