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20 posts

Canonical joins the Sylva project

By Serdar Vural, 5 December 2023

Canonical is proud to announce that we have joined the Sylva project of Linux Foundation Europe as a General Member. We aim to bring our open source...

About MAAS 3.0 and LXD

By Bill Wear, 19 August 2021

With the release of MAAS 3.0, we moved LXD virtual machines out of Beta. Several articles in the MAAS documentation address LXD.  Since no document ties all...

DHCP Server Conflict Detection

By Bill Wear, 8 July 2021

This blog title should really be, “Why you always, always, always want conflict detection turned on on all the networks MAAS touches,” but that’s really long...

DHCP scope

By Bill Wear, 8 July 2021

It’s possible to have more than one DHCP server on the same network and still have everything work right, with no conflicts and no dropped packets or IP...

Moving toward Diátaxis

By Bill Wear, 7 July 2021

We discovered the Diátaxis Framework earlier this year. It’s been on our roadmap to shift MAAS doc to this cool new way of explaining things. This cycle, we...

MAAS 3.0 released

By Bill Wear, 6 July 2021

We are happy to announce the release of MAAS 3.0. This release provides some new features and bug fixes. Here’s the tl;dr summary: PCI and USB devices are now...

Basic DHCP concepts

By Bill Wear, 17 June 2021

Let’s step back and take a very basic look at DHCP. In fact, let’s look at the analogy of assigning a street address to your house. Usually, this is done by...

Improving CLI output with jq

By Bill Wear, 6 January 2021

Welcome back to our series on MAAS CLI operations. In our previous post, we learned how to acquire and deploy machines using the MAAS CLI. It was also evident...

MAAS 2.9 is now available

By Bill Wear, 10 December 2020

Canonical is happy to announce that MAAS 2.9 is now available. We’ll get to the details of installing it in just a moment, but first, let’s walk through a...

MAAS CLI-only machine deployment

By Bill Wear, 8 December 2020

Continuing in our series on CLI-only MAAS operation, it’s time to deploy machines. In the previous post, we reached the point of creating and commissioning...

MAAS CLI-only machine creation

By Bill Wear, 2 December 2020

The whole point of MAAS configuration is to get machines deployed. If you read the previous post in this series, you know how to install MAAS and do basic...

CLI-only MAAS operation

By Bill Wear, 30 November 2020

MAAS provides a state-of-the-art User Interface (UI), which is relatively simple to use, if the required inputs are known and understood. You may be less...

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