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USN-327-1: firefox vulnerabilities

28 July 2006

firefox vulnerabilities



Various flaws have been reported that allow an attacker to execute
arbitrary code with user privileges by tricking the user into opening
a malicious URL. (CVE-2006-3113, CVE-2006-3677, CVE-2006-3801,
CVE-2006-3803, CVE-2006-3805, CVE-2006-3806, CVE-2006-3807,
CVE-2006-3809, CVE-2006-3811, CVE-2006-3812)

cross-site scripting vulnerabilities were found in the
XPCNativeWrapper() function and native DOM method handlers. A
malicious web site could exploit these to modify the contents or steal
confidential data (such as passwords) from other opened web pages.
(CVE-2006-3802, CVE-2006-3810)

A bug was found in the script handler for automatic proxy
configuration. A malicious proxy could send scripts which could
execute arbitrary code with the user's privileges. (CVE-2006-3808)

Please see

for technical details of these vulnerabilities.

Update instructions

The problem can be corrected by updating your system to the following package versions:

Ubuntu 6.06
  • firefox - 1.5.dfsg+

After a standard system upgrade you need to restart Firefox to effect
the necessary changes.

Please note that Firefox 1.0.8 in Ubuntu 5.10 and Ubuntu 5.04 are also
affected by these problems. Updates for these Ubuntu releases will be
delayed due to upstream dropping support for this Firefox version. We
strongly advise that you disable JavaScript to disable the attack
vectors for most vulnerabilities if you use one of these Ubuntu

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