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How to Configure Cloud-Enabled Livepatch

Cloud-Enabled livepatch is a feature that enables Livepatch to intelligently roll out patches. Below are a set of CLI commands that allow you to customise the configuration of your Livepatch client config. For more info on Cloud-Enabled Livepatch see here.


The Cloud-Enabled feature is enabled by default. To disable it, run:

$ canonical-livepatch cloud-config --disable
Successfully set cloud-config

You can re-enable the Cloud-Enabled feature via the following command:

$ canonical-livepatch cloud-config --enable
Successfully set cloud-config

Print current configuration

You can see your current Cloud-Enabled configuration, by running:

$ canonical-livepatch status --format json
  "Cloud-Enabled": {
    "cloud-enabled": true,
    "cloud": "aws",
    "region": "us-east-1",
    "az": "us-east-1a"

Override/reset configuration

Users may need to override their cloud/region/AZ settings. They can do it by running such a command:

$ canonical-livepatch cloud-config --set --cloud aws --region us-east-1 --az us-east-1a

If a user wishes to reset their cloud configuration, they may run:

$ canonical-livepatch cloud-config --reset

This resets the Cloud-Enabled configuration back to the original state and clears any overridden values. Note that resetting the configuration does not disable or enable the Cloud-Enabled feature.

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