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VMware migration to Ubuntu-based infrastructure

Practical insights into VMware alternatives such as OpenStack and MicroCloud to ensure a seamless migration

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Recent changes at VMware have compelled existing customers to consider alternatives. Many have turned their eyes to open source. However, migrating from VMware is not an easy task, and it will involve some changes in how you’re managing your infrastructure.

You might’ve read our previous whitepaper where we talked about open source solutions as an alternative to VMware software. In this follow-up whitepaper, we cover how to approach a successful migration. We will also compare the features and discuss the differences between VMware and Ubuntu-based infrastructure, and then dive into a few example migration scenarios.

Migration Process

Moving away from VMware is rarely a straightforward process. Given this complexity, there is no single recipe for migration, as the journey will always vary based on the circumstances and requirements of each organisation. Canonical has developed a broad framework that can help guide enterprises to their own optimal migration outcomes.

Migration scenario 1: VMware to OpenStack

With 40 million cores in production, OpenStack is the most widely deployed open source cloud software in the world. Canonical OpenStack is a proven choice for enterprise use cases thanks to its ease-of-use, price-performance, and security. This whitepaper provides a feature comparison and covers some of the differences between OpenStack and VMware and gives an overview of what the migration process looks like.

Migration scenario 2: VMware to MicroCloud

Many VMware users run infrastructure in smaller clusters, with each cluster dedicated to a specific purpose. Canonical’s MicroCloud is an ideal fit for these use cases. It is a lightweight but powerful open source cloud platform purpose-built for small clusters and edge deployments. We will provide a feature comparison and cover some of the differences between MicroCloud and VMware and give an overview of what the migration process looks like.

Download this whitepaper for an overview of:

  • The components of Ubuntu-based infrastructure
  • How to ensure a successful migration
  • A feature comparison between VMware and Canonical OpenStack and MicroCloud
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