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Migrating from VMware to Open Source

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Recent changes at VMware have compelled existing customers to consider alternatives. Many have turned their eyes to open source. If you’re considering options to remove vendor lock-in, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and advance innovation, this whitepaper is for you.

You can also view our on-demand webinar in case you need to dig further into VMware alternatives.

Moving from VMware to Open Source

In this whitepaper, we present open-source solutions as an alternative to VMware software. We show that adopting open source brings many benefits, including cost savings, increased flexibility and higher quality. We demonstrate how to build a fully functional cloud infrastructure on Ubuntu while ensuring feature parity with VMware solutions. Finally, we discuss how to perform a hassle-free migration.

Getting ready for the migration

This whitepaper includes an overview of:

  • What are the most common migration paths to open source?
  • What are the components of the Ubuntu-based open-source infrastructure?
  • What can Canonical provide to ease your migration to open source?

Download the whitepaper today.

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