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Migrating from VMware to Open Source

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Recent changes at VMware have compelled existing customers to consider alternatives. Many have turned their eyes to open source. If you’re considering options to remove vendor lock-in, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and advance innovation, this whitepaper is for you.

You can also view our on-demand webinar in case you need to dig further into VMware alternatives.

Why open source over other VMware alternatives?

So obviously, open-source solutions are just one of the available VMware alternatives. Several proprietary solutions exist too. These include leading public clouds, premium versions of Proxmox Virtual Environment (VE), Citrix Hypervisor, Hyper-V, etc. What makes open source better, then?

In short, the benefits of open source can be summarised in the following five bullet points:

  • TCO reduction – since open-source software does not require attaching any expensive licences, standardising on open source leads to significant cost savings over time.
  • No vendor lock-in – with open source, you are no longer dependent on a single vendor; the software is developed by the entire community, consisting of thousands of developers.
  • Innovation advances – the development pace of open-source software is way higher than for proprietary software companies, which helps you to stay at the forefront of the technology.
  • Higher software quality – open-source software usually passes through a rigorous software development process which results in higher quality and better security.
  • Community collaboration – since billions of people worldwide use open source daily, enterprises can benefit from fantastic community collaboration through numerous industry conferences, technical forums, knowledge bases, etc.

Migrating from VMware to Open Source

Hence, in this whitepaper, we present open-source solutions as an alternative to VMware software. We show that adopting open source brings many benefits, including cost savings, increased flexibility, and higher quality. We demonstrate how to build a fully functional cloud infrastructure on Ubuntu while ensuring feature parity with VMware solutions. Finally, we discuss how to perform a hassle-free migration.

Getting ready for the migration

This whitepaper includes an overview of:

  • What are the most common migration paths to open source?
  • What are the components of the Ubuntu-based open-source infrastructure?
  • What can Canonical provide to ease your migration to open source?

You can additionally watch our 2nd webinar: How to migrate from VMware to Ubuntu-based Infrastructure to get additional insights into migration scenarios

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