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Sicredi embraces the cloud with Canonical OpenStack

Learn how a leading Brazilian financial institution is staying ahead of fintech competition through an open source infrastructure transformation

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Who are Sicredi?

Sicredi is one of Brazil’s largest cooperative financial institutions, with over 7 million members. They are present in 26 Brazilian states and Federal Districts (Brasília) and operate more than 2,500 branches, employing over 40,000 people.

Why Sicredi chose Canonical?

With rising competition from finserv companies, Sicredi decided to transform its infrastructure strategy to maintain its competitive edge. The company wanted to optimise its resource utilisation and enable its developers to work more efficiently so that it could accelerate time-to-market for its innovative new products.

To make this vision a reality, Sicredi decided to migrate away from its traditional virtualisation platform and embrace an infrastructure-as-code approach on Canonical OpenStack. The new OpenStack environment is proving to be up to three times more cost-effective than public clouds – and it’s only getting better.

“Now that we can create clusters on demand with Charmed OpenStack and make more efficient use of resources, we’ve increased the number of parallel jobs by more than 400%”.

André Hamerski, Infrastructure Coordinator, Sicredi

Read the case study to discover:

  • Why Sicredi chose Charmed OpenStack as the foundation for its new infrastructure-as-code strategy?
  • How infrastructure autoscaling is driving a 400% increase in parallel jobs
  • How Charmed OpenStack is proving 2-3x more cost-efficient than public clouds

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