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Canonical Anbox Cloud Workload on Ampere Altra

Solution Brief

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The Ampere® Altra® and Ampere® Altra® Max processors are complete system-on-chip (SOC) solutions built for Arm native applications. Ampere Altra supports up to 80 AArch64 cores and Ampere Altra Max supports up to 128 cores. In addition to incorporating a large number of high-performance cores, the innovative architecture delivers predictable high performance, linear scaling, and high energy efficiency.

Anbox Cloud supports cloud phone and cloud gaming use cases and can be deployed as a service on public cloud or on bare-metal Ampere platforms. It is Linux container based and uses the popular Ubuntu Linux operating systems and Canonical services such as MAAS and Juju for deployment and orchestration. Anbox Cloud is a very scalable solution, providing deployment on a single node or in multi-node clusters.

In this solution brief, we focus on cloud gaming workload running 3D games on Canonical Anbox Cloud software stack on Ampere Altra platform – Gigabyte G242-P33 which is a 2U single socket Altra Q80-30 – populated with a single Nvidia A16 GPU. We will measure numbers of streaming instances, FPS and CPU utilization for this workload.

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