Financial Services

Finserv open source security

by Kris Sharma on 20 October 2021

The fintech ecosystem is flourishing and exciting things are happening these days at the intersection of digital technology and financial services – thanks in...

Cloud and server

Canonical at Cloud Expo Europe Madrid 2021

by amber-charitos on 19 October 2021

The leading fair in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Singapore will open the doors of its first edition to C-level experts and executives in Madrid. Canonical...

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What’s new in security for Ubuntu 21.10?

by Alex Murray on 19 October 2021

Ubuntu 21.10 is the latest release of Ubuntu and comes as the last interim release before the forthcoming 22.04 LTS release due in April 2022. As the interim...

Internet of Things
Cloud and server

Ubuntu 21.10 has landed

by Canonical on 14 October 2021