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erle robotics

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

The App-Enabled Spider

by Maarten Ectors on 8 September 2015

This is a guest post by the Erle-Robotics team as part of “the startup stories”, a series of blog posts about how and why innovative companies are using...

Internet of Things

The first app-enabled spider

by Maarten Ectors on 5 August 2015

If you are into robot spiders then the erle-spider is something to look forward to. It will be the first app-enabled Snappy Ubuntu Core and ROS powered robot...

Internet of Things

Autopilot Apps & Boards for Drones

by Maarten Ectors on 27 March 2015

Drones are getting Snappy Autopilot Apps. On Indiegogo you can contribute to the PixHawk Fire (PXF). The PixHawk Fire (PXF) is an open hardware cape (daughter...

Internet of Things

Why Drones need Snappy Apps?

by Maarten Ectors on 9 March 2015

Erle-Robotics just showed the world how Snappy Ubuntu Core can power the autopilot in their Erle-Copter drone and push drones to their limits. It is a really...