Edge education

by Grazina Borosko on 24 May 2016

Last year we were working on OOBE redesign with the aim to improve first user experience with Ubuntu phone. Now the Design Team is working on the second part of this project which we call Edge …


History of the Alphabet (Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Latin, Arabic)

by Canonical on 22 August 2011

The BBC just put up a five-minute audio slideshow “The story of how we got our alphabets” about the development of western writing, starting in 3,000 BC in Mesopotamia with various attempts at proto-writing systems and …


Open source: an educated decision

by Canonical on 20 May 2011

In this white paper, we de-bunk the myths that proprietary companies have built up to discredit open-source technology, explaining how it can help schools, colleges and universities reduce costs, improve IT performance, and prepare students more …


Ubuntu helps KnowledgeTree build client base and reduce costs

by Canonical on 16 December 2010

Innovative cloud solution serves 200 times the clients for a quarter of the cost Summary KnowledgeTree wanted to introduce a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of its popular document management solution. Its new infrastructure needed …


AMTRON delivers 28,000 Ubuntu-based PCs to students in Assam

by Canonical on 10 November 2010

India-based government information and communication technologies (ICT) provider The Assam Electronics Development Corporation (AMTRON) needed to provide every Assam student who achieved 60 per cent or higher in their school leaving exams with a free PC. …


Oakland University replaces UNIX with Ubuntu

by Canonical on 4 October 2010

Company overview Oakland University, a state-supported college in Rochester, Mich., teaches some 18,000 students across its liberal arts, business administration, health sciences, engineering and computer science schools. The 3,000-student School of Engineering and Computer Science (SECS), …


Ubuntu supports technology-enabled teaching at The Johns Hopkins University

by Canonical on 30 September 2010

Cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable, Ubuntu proved to be the open source platform of choice on which to build a support system for technology-enabled classrooms at The Johns Hopkins University. Background America’s first research university, The Johns …


Ubuntu delivers significant cost-savings for specialist sports school

by Canonical on 30 September 2010

Stability, reduced maintenance and significant cost-savings – Ubuntu proved an outstanding choice for Skegness Grammar School. Background Skegness Grammar School is a small selective school on the Lincolnshire coast. It acts as a specialist college for …


Future of eBooks?

by Canonical on 22 April 2010

Video from YouTube of the Element iPad application.


Andalusia deploys 220,000 Ubuntu desktops in schools throughout the region

by Canonical on 13 March 2010

Summary The Andalusian Regional Government, Spain, wanted to improve access to IT in schools throughout the region. It asked IT services company infrastructure to connect 2,000 schools in Andalusia. Isotrol implemented 220,000 Ubuntu-based workstations in more …