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Over-The-Air 13 has landed

Richard Collins

on 19 September 2016

Our latest OTA-13 has landed and we’re excited to share the key updates below!

General Features

  • Copy/paste can now be carried out with legacy apps


Settings and indicators

  • New notifications panel with per-app settings for sound, vibrate, message bubble
  • Keyboard indicator
  • The updates panel has been reworked to improve robustness. App updates now show version changes for available updates and the set of recently installed updates
  • The ‘other vibrations’ setting now works correctly



  • It is now possible to sync multiple calendars
  • Owncloud sync integration is now available for calendars
  • Various App startup time improvements (calendar, calculator, camera, dialler)


OSK improvements

  • Latvian keyboard added
  • Improved emoji keyboard

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