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Richard Collins

5 posts by Richard Collins

Internet of Things

An Ubuntu snap-based solution for enterprises to control their data

by Richard Collins on 22 February 2017

A factor for so many smaller enterprises today is that they are unable to take full advantage of the range of services associated with standard public cloud...

Phone and tablet

Over-The-Air 13 has landed

by Richard Collins on 19 September 2016

Our latest OTA-13 has landed and we’re excited to share the key updates below! General Features Copy/paste can now be carried out with legacy apps   Settings...

Canonical announcements

Introducing React Native on Ubuntu

by Richard Collins on 9 August 2016

Application development for mobile and desktop using web technologies is becoming increasingly popular. If you are one of these developers then Ubuntu has a...


Ubuntu’s path to convergence

by Richard Collins on 20 October 2015

Ubuntu device convergence is now starting to happen as we move closer to bringing the first smartphones to market carrying a full Ubuntu desktop interface....

Phone and tablet

Get the FAQs about Ubuntu on smartphones

by Richard Collins on 15 February 2013

What are the big questions Canonical gets asked about its Ubuntu for Phones proposition? Here, we gather the top questions (in no particular order) and give...