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Operator Day at Kubecon EU 2022 – recordings available!

The Operator Day at Kubecon EU 2022, hosted by Canonical, took place on Monday 16 May  2022. We thank everyone for attending the event. Our thanks go out especially to those who engaged with us via chat during the online event. We enjoyed answering questions and having conversations during the presentations.  If you missed Operator Day, we have good news. The recordings are now available:

Opening PlenaryMark Shuttleworth
CEO of Canonical

David Booth
VP Cloud Native Applications

A common substrate for enabling solutions
Alex Jones
Engineering Director

Juju & Charmed
Ecosystem Update
Jon Seager
VP, Enterprise Solutions

30 mins to stand up a simple appDaniela Plascencia
Charm Engineering

Observability for developers of Charmed Operators
Simon Aronsson
Engineering Manager

Testing framework for Juju Charmed OperatorsMarc Oppenheimer
Charm Engineering

Publishing Charmed Operators and their Ecosystem
Michael Jaeger
Product Manager

Pedro Leão Da Cruz
Product Lead

Building a sophisticated product on Juju
Rob Gibbon
Product Manager

Experts Panel Discussion: Outlook to Kubernetes and cloud native operations
Mark Shuttleworth
CEO of Canonical

David Booth
VP Cloud Native Applications

Ken Sipe
Co-Chair Operator Framework, CNCF

Michael Hausenblas
Solution Engineering Lead, AWS

Steve George
Chief Operations Officer at Weaveworks

Tim Hockin
Principal Software Engineer, Google Cloud

Operator Day 2021

Curious about previous Operator Day editions? Check out keynotes and announcements from last year:

Operator Day at Kubecon NA 2021Announcement / Watch Keynote
Operator Day at Kubecon EU 2021Announcement / Watch Keynote

Want to learn more about software operators? 

If you missed Operator Day or want to learn more about software operators, join our upcoming webinar. We will cover the advantages of software operators and introduce you to the Juju Charmed Operator Framework, Canonical’s implementation of the software operator pattern. We will also discuss how to go ahead with delivering software operators for metal, cloud and Kubernetes.

Last but not least, check out these links to develop charmed operators:

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