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A guide to software operators for metal, cloud and Kubernetes

A guide to software operators for metal, cloud and Kubernetes

Software operators implement the operational tasks of applications and workloads with source code. The advantage is not only providing automation and saving time and effort for repeatedly executed commands. In addition to efficiency gains, the software operator ensures the correct operation of the application.

In turn, software operators reduce the risk of failure. They reduce support incidents, and frustration. And, they increase the overall positive impact when consuming applications: software operators enable the positive “operator experience”, the “O-EX”.

But how to develop software operators? Just as with other software, continuous integration and continuous deployment are crucial. At the same time, delivering elements for Kubernetes or OpenStack environments requires a test setup, maybe even independent testing. Consequently, developing software operators leads to a particular methodology.

In this webinar we will:

  • Highlight the advantages of using software operators.
  • Introduce the Juju Charmed Operator Framework, an implementation of the software operator pattern.
  • Explain our proposed methodology for developing and delivering software operators for metal, cloud and Kubernetes.

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