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Microsoft Azure’s Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS Deprecation Notice


on 27 October 2023

Publication of Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS has been halted since the end of August 2023. Canonical has since confirmed an undocumented policy when publishing to the Microsoft Azure Partner Center: a maximum of 100 image versions can be published to a Plan for a given Marketplace Offer. The maximum was reached with the publication of image version 20.04.202308310, and collaboration with Microsoft has determined that the only solution to resume publication is to deprecate older image versions.

As of October 26, 2023, a 90-day deprecation schedule has been initiated for image version 20.04.202004230.

The following image versions have also been identified as candidates for scheduled deprecation:

  • 20.04.202005010
  • 20.04.202005130
  • 20.04.202005250
  • 20.04.202006100
  • 20.04.202006270
  • 20.04.202007060
  • 20.04.202007080
  • 20.04.202007160
  • 20.04.202007290

To remain compliant with the maximum image version policy, Canonical will adopt a rolling deprecation schedule. Under this scheme, the oldest image version will be deprecated once a new version is published. This schedule will be implemented across all Canonical offers in the Azure Marketplace. Current subscribers will have a 90-day window to transition to a newer image version. Canonical reserves the right to modify the deprecation policy, and will publish complete specifications in Azure Public Clouds Documentation.

Questions and concerns can be directed to or Microsoft’s Azure Support. Users can also refer to Microsoft Azure’s Deprecated Image FAQ for additional information.

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