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TaNeisha Page

Internal Recruiter

TaNeisha is a part of the Recruitment Team at Canonical.

4 posts by TaNeisha Page

Cloud and server

OpenStack Spotlight Carlos Gonzales and Josh McJilton

by TaNeisha Page on 23 April 2016

Carlos Gonzales gives some insight about his role as a Engineer Manager for our Ecosystems and his outlook about meeting people at OpenStack. What does your...

Cloud and server

OpenStack Spotlight – Alexia Emmanoulopoulou and Danny Hammo

by TaNeisha Page on 19 April 2016

In this blog series, learn about life at Canonical through the employees working on the cloud side. Alexia Emmanoulopoulou: Marketing Manager – Demand...

Cloud and server

OpenStack Spotlight – Ryan Beisner & James Wengraf

by TaNeisha Page on 6 April 2016

This week we were able to catch up with Ryan Beisner who is an OpenStack QA Engineer. Ryan is super excited to share his experience with Canonical and his...

Cloud and server

OpenStack Spotlight – Bill Bauman & Francisco Hernandez

by TaNeisha Page on 24 March 2016

We caught up with Bill Bauman the Cloud Content Marketing Manager at Canonical to give us an insight into his work and his love for technology. What do you do...