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OpenStack Spotlight – Alexia Emmanoulopoulou and Danny Hammo

Tags: careers

This article was last updated 7 years ago.

In this blog series, learn about life at Canonical through the employees working on the cloud side.

Alexia Emmanoulopoulou: Marketing Manager – Demand Generation

Describe what do you do at Canonical

I am a Demand Generation Marketing Manager in the Cloud Marketing team, responsible for the execution of marketing activities designed to drive demand for our products and services.

Why should people want to speak with you at OpenStack in Austin?

To learn more about the perks and day to day life of working at Canonical!

What made you decide to join Canonical?

I spoke to some friends in the IT industry and they spoke very highly of Canonical and its innovative products. When I visited the offices I was also intrigued by the relaxed company culture and the opportunities to work from home.

What do you love about your Job?

I love the fact that Canonical’s workforce is comprised of people from all around the world, creating a patchwork of cultural identities and strengths. People at Canonical are passionate about their jobs and always happy to help. It’s a very welcoming environment and the fact that I can work from home when needed is an added perk. Travel opportunities have always been very enjoyable, offering a chance to socialise with colleagues from other parts of the world while learning about new product features or working on events.

What keeps you at Canonical?

I am inspired by the company’s vision and the dynamic evolution of the products and strategy. I also enjoy the variety and growing responsibilities offered by my job.

Where is your office?

I am based in London, UK and work from home one day a week.

In our second interview, Danny Hammo explains how his Dedicated Service Engineer role has a tremendous impact on our customers as well as his excitement about OpenStack Austin.

Danny Hammo: Dedicated Services Engineer

Describe what do you do at Canonical

Dedicated Services Engineer, my mission is to integrate with customer’s teams and provide first-class Ubuntu, MaaS, Juju, Landscape, and OpenStack support and expertise. I work with my customer various teams to implement and deploy Canonical’s OpenStack on Ubuntu using MaaS, Juju, and Landscape. I provide support to complex problems and engage directly to troubleshoot and resolve any issues. Within Canonical, I act as a customer advocate to manage and prioritize issue resolution and feature development with engineering teams.

My ultimate goal is customer success and satisfaction!

Who are you interested in speaking with at OpenStack in Austin?

OpenStack adopters, operators, and the curious minds who would like to know more about Canonical’s OpenStack, MaaS, Juju, and Autopilot.

Why should people want to speak with you at OpenStack in Austin?

To answer questions, concerns, and constructive discussions

Top tip for people attending their first OpenStack event?

Opening keynotes! makes sure you attend and you will realize the awesomeness of OpenStack community.

What made you decide to join Canonical?

The culture within Canonical that embraces innovation and creativity.

What do you love about your Job?

Everyday is a new challenge! Working directly with customers to build awesome clouds, technology and solutions for their “next big thing”  is no easy task.

This keeps me challenged and on the edge of learning and broadening my knowledge and skillset.

What keeps you at Canonical?

The brilliant awesome people at Canonical! The vision we have, the open source community we are part of, and the technology we offer.

Where is your office?

I work out of my home in the bay area 50% of time and the other 50% out of my customer offices.

Interested in career opportunities with Canonical? Visit us at OpenStack Summit Austin or check out our career openings

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