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Samuel Cozannet

Big Data Strategic Program Manager

Samuel Cozannet is a Strategic Program Manager at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. He has a passion for DevOps and believes technology can make the world a better place. In his free time you will find Samuel hanging out in Barcelona or maybe just happily hacking his new Ubuntu Snappy devices.

11 posts by Samuel Cozannet

Cloud and server

How we commoditised GPUs for Kubernetes

by Samuel Cozannet on 19 April 2017

[Edit 2017-04-20] A careful reader informed me (thanks for that HN user puzzle) that it is no longer required to run in privileged mode to access the GPUs in...


Job concurrency in Kubernetes: LXD and CPU pinning to the rescue

by Samuel Cozannet on 27 March 2017

A few days ago, someone shared with me a project to run video transcoding jobs in Kubernetes. During her tests, made on a default Kubernetes installation on...

Cloud and server

GPUs and Kubernetes for deep learning — Part 3/3: Automating Tensorflow

by Samuel Cozannet on 9 March 2017

Here we are. After having spent 21min reading how to build a GPU Kubernetes cluster on AWS, 7min on adding EFS storage, you want to get to the real thing,...

Cloud and server

GPUs and Kubernetes for deep learning — Part 2/3: Adding storage

by Samuel Cozannet on 7 March 2017

Earlier this week we built a GPU cluster and installed Kubernetes so that we can do some advanced data processing. What is the thing you need next right after...

Cloud and server

GPUs and Kubernetes for deep learning — Part 1/3

by Samuel Cozannet on 15 February 2017

A few weeks ago I shared a side project about Building a DYI GPU cluster for k8s to play with Kubernetes with a proper ROI vs. AWS g2 instances. This was...

Cloud and server

Automate the deployment of Kubernetes in existing AWS infrastructure

by Samuel Cozannet on 8 February 2017

When I talk about Ubuntu and Kubernetes, and how we deploy the latter at Canonical using Juju, the main question I get is: Can you deploy in an existing...

Cloud and server

Installing a DIY bare metal GPU cluster for Kubernetes

by Samuel Cozannet on 30 January 2017

I don’t know if you have ever seen one of the Orange Boxes from Canonical These are really sleek machines. They contain 10 Intel NUCs, plus an 11th one for...

Cloud and server

Making deep learning accessible on Openstack

by Samuel Cozannet on 25 April 2016

This week at the Openstack Developers Summit we are excited to showcase how Canonical with IBM, Mesosphere, Skymind and Data Fellas are working together to...

Cloud and server

Help Meteorite BI’s Saiku Reporting become even more awesome!

by Samuel Cozannet on 18 November 2015

Our friends over at Meteorite BI are progressing along their path to bring Saiku Reporting to as many users as possible. One of their core targets is to get...

Cloud and server

Universal Modeling Language for Service-Oriented Architectures: Part 2

by Samuel Cozannet on 7 May 2015

In the first part of this two part blog we looked at why Canonical believes a new language is needed for modeling modern applications in the cloud. In this...

Cloud and server

Universal Modeling Language for Service-Oriented Architectures: Part 1

by Samuel Cozannet on 6 May 2015

Over the last 20 years, applications have moved from a monolithic mainframe perspective to a scale out vision. However, during this time the representation of...