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28 posts from February 2021

What is virtualisation? The basics

By Rhys Davies, 26 February 2021

Virtualisation plays a huge role in almost all of today’s fastest-growing software-based industries. It is the foundation for most cloud computing, the go-to...

Creating Graphical Shells – Try Mir in a Virtual Machine

By Alan Griffiths, 25 February 2021

What is Mir? Mir is a set of libraries for creating graphical shells for Linux on a range of hardware. This means that there are a number of shells based on...

What is MEC ? The telco edge.

By Maciej Mazur, 25 February 2021

MEC, as ETSI defines it, stands for Multi-access Edge Computing and is sometimes referred to as Mobile edge computing. MEC is a solution that gives content...

DFI and Canonical offer risk-free system updates and reduced software lead times for the IoT ecosystem

By Canonical, 25 February 2021

Feb. 25, 2021 – DFI and Canonical signed the Ubuntu IoT Hardware Certification Partner Program. DFI is the world’s first industrial computer manufacturer to...

Build smart displays with mir 2.3.2

By Gabriel Aguiar Noury, 22 February 2021

mir was designed to help systems on chips (SoCs) to reduce their development and maintenance investment in Linux graphics drivers. Today, mir works across the...

Supporting “I don’t care about cookies”

By Anthony Dillon, 19 February 2021

It all started one day when my boss turned to me and said, the legal team have said we need to ask a person before our websites can start using non-essential...

The State of Robotics – January 2021

By Gabriel Aguiar Noury, 19 February 2021

A new start? 2020 came and went, and in the process, it left a mark in history and our lives that won’t be erased. Together, as a community, we all struggled,...

Canonical & Ubuntu at Embedded World Virtual 2021

By anastasiavalti, 19 February 2021

Embedded World 2021 is just around the corner and we’re excited to be sponsoring and connecting with our fellow EW-ers once again. This time, the embedded...

Regex basics

By Robin Winslow, 18 February 2021

An overview of regex and how to use it, from a few different angles. Including appropriate warnings like ‘avoid regex’.

Ubuntu EKS Platform Images for k8s 1.19

By Joshua Powers, 18 February 2021

This article originally appeared on Cody Shepherd’s blog. 1.19 Platform Images Now Live Following the GA of Kubernetes 1.19 support in AWS, EKS-optimized...

Canonical’s Partner Program Gets Industry Recognition for its Growth and Depth of Portfolio

By Canonical, 17 February 2021

Canonical announced that its channel partner program has grown by five times in three years, expanding its global presence to several new markets.

Improving the code experience in Vanilla

By Scott Mason Nash, 16 February 2021

For a long time, code in Vanilla was simply set in a monospace font, and we saw an opportunity to improve the way we deliver code examples to users. A key...

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