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8 posts from May 2013

Motion Graphics Presentation for Ubuntu Mobile

By Canonical, 24 May 2013

This is a presentation of our ‘Paper’ Motion theme for Ubuntu Mobile. The theme is informed by the ‘paper’ graphic style of the mobile OS and we have sought...

Cyberport offers innovative cloud-based services for Hong Kong’s technology entrepreneurs

By Canonical, 21 May 2013

OpenStack and Ubuntu provide secure, cost-effective cloud infrastructure Summary To give local start-ups and entrepreneurs access to infrastructure and...

Ubuntu 13.04 brings dramatic graphical performance enhancements

By Canonical, 20 May 2013

Ubuntu 13.04 includes the Developer Preview SDK for developers to build native applications for Ubuntu devices.

Shorts, the RSS reader app

By Canonical, 16 May 2013

As you can see in the image above, I have spent some time looking at different types and contexts of reading, trying to understand what the reading experience...

System Settings for Ubuntu Phone

By Matthew Paul Thomas, 16 May 2013

The design process for System Settings on the phone involved a competitor evaluation, identifying user journeys, generating many possibilities for the... update

By Alejandra Obregon, 13 May 2013

I’d like to give an update on upcoming plans for and to respond to recent concerns about the positioning of the community within the website....

London OpenStack & MySQL Meetups May 23rd

By Mark Baker, 13 May 2013

If you are interested in either OpenStack or MySQL (or both) then you need to know about 2 meetups running the evening of May 23rd in London. The London...

Weather & Clock app visual exploration

By Canonical, 1 May 2013

Thank you for all your positive feedback after our first blog post. We are very excited and are continuing with the designs, here’s a quick update on how...