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11 posts from March 2013

App patterns applied: weather key journeys

By Canonical, 26 March 2013

These last few weeks we have looked at the concepts behind our ritual apps, and explored key journeys for each. Now it is the turn of the weather app! Sitting...

Good Ubuntu books?

By Inayaili de León Persson, 25 March 2013

A few weeks ago we received a copy of the “No Starch Press” book “Ubuntu Made Easy”, by Rickford Grant with Phil Bull. The book’s main goal – which we fully...

Three main types of user behaviour found in testing

By Canonical, 23 March 2013

Understanding user behaviour through user research is an integral part of our design process. In the last website testing, some insights surfaced...

App patterns applied: clock key journeys

By Canonical, 22 March 2013

Moving forward with the design of the core apps, we’ve been working on the interaction details of the clock for a while now, building on these...

Canonical and Chinese standards body announce Ubuntu collaboration

By Canonical, 21 March 2013

CSIP defines a new reference architecture for standard operating systems in China CSIP, Canonical and NUDT from the CCN Open Source Innovation Joint Lab to...

13.04 wallpapers submitted

By Canonical, 19 March 2013

  The community team for wallpaper selection got together last week #1304wallpaper on Freenode and between us we’ve determined that we’d like to submit the...

App patterns explained : navigation

By Canonical, 13 March 2013

When we design an app, we consider the different types of information we are communicating and their relationships to one another. This helps us establish...

13.04 Shortlist in progress

By Canonical, 12 March 2013

13.04 Shortlist in progress, a gallery on Flickr. A quick update, the previous contributors and I are putting together the finishing touches to what we hope...

Canonical and Dell expand joint PowerEdge Server engineering and support

By David Duffey, 11 March 2013

Today we announced a collaborative support and engineering agreement with Dell.  As part of this agreement Canonical will add Dell 11G & 12G PowerEdge models...

Canonical announces certification and support for the latest Dell PowerEdge servers

By Canonical, 11 March 2013

Canonical today announced that it has signed a collaborative engineering agreement with Dell to support Ubuntu 12.04 LTS across the full range of Dell’s...

App patterns applied: calculator key journeys

By Canonical, 7 March 2013

A few weeks ago we introduced key screens for our core utility app designs, and we’ve been sketching key journeys ever since to unpack these concepts further....