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Observability archives

7 posts

Ubuntu AI podcast: Understanding MLOps and Observability

By Hasmik Zmoyan, 29 September 2023

Ubuntu AI podcast Welcome to Ubuntu AI podcast! From fun experiments to enterprise projects, AI became the center of attention when it comes to innovation,...

Observability vs. monitoring debate: An irreverent view

By Michele Mancioppi, 23 November 2021

This post provides an irreverent view on the debate around observability vs. monitoring, which is a rather confounding topic.

Canonical Observability Stack: Reimagining observability with MicroK8s and Grafana, Prometheus and Grafana Loki

By Michele Mancioppi, 28 October 2021

Note: This post is co-authored by Jon Seager. Jon Seager is the Vice President of Enterprise Engineering at Canonical with responsibility for Juju, the...

Model-driven observability: Embedded Alert Rules

By Michele Mancioppi, 17 September 2021

Learn does’, dont’s and gotchas of Prometheus alert rules, and how to embed alert rules in your Juju charms.

Model-driven observability: Taming alert storms

By Michele Mancioppi, 30 August 2021

Model-driven observability and its strong notion of topology provide easy-to-apply alert management capabilities to avoid alert storms and help find root...

Model-driven observability: the magic of Juju topology for metrics

By Michele Mancioppi, 22 August 2021

Learn how model-driven observability with Juju can drastically improve the quality of the insights you get from your monitoring telemetry.

Model-driven observability: modern monitoring with Juju

By Michele Mancioppi, 1 August 2021

Learn how you can drastically simplify the monitoring setup for systems, reduce its ongoing maintenance costs and increase the actionability of your insights...