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Juju archives

44 posts

Kubernetes backups just got easier with the CloudCasa charm from Catalogic

By Michael C. Jaeger, 29 April 2024

For a native integration for Canonical’s Kubernetes platform, Juju was the perfect fit, and the charm makes consuming CloudCasa seamless for users.

What is a Kubernetes operator?

By Michael C. Jaeger, 23 February 2024

Kubernetes is the open source, industry-standard platform for deploying, managing and scaling containerized applications – and applications on Kubernetes are...

Operate popular open source on Kubernetes – Attend Operator Day at KubeCon EU 2024

By Michael C. Jaeger, 6 February 2024

Operate popular open source on Kubernetes – Attend Operator Day at KubeCon EU 2024

Understanding roles in software operators

By Michael C. Jaeger, 9 January 2024

In today’s blog we take a closer look at roles – the key elements that make up the design pattern – and how they work together to simplify maintaining...

Missed Operator Day at KubeCon NA 2023? – Catch the Replay!

By Michael C. Jaeger, 21 December 2023

If you missed Operator Day, we have good news: starting January 4th, we will present weekly on-demand events week covering the presentations step by step.

Generative AI explained

By Hugo Huang, 29 November 2023

When OpenAI released ChatGPT on November 30, 2022, no one could have anticipated that the following 6 months would usher in a dizzying transformation for...

Efficiency redefined: Discover the power of software operators during Operator Day, co-located at KubeCon North America 2023

By Michael C. Jaeger, 4 September 2023

The 7th Operator Day is a virtual event and will take place on the first day of the KubeCon week, Monday, 6 November 2023. The event is entirely virtual. You...

MySQL high availability made charmingly easy

By Mohamed Wadie Nsiri, 18 July 2023

In a previous blog, we talked about patterns to run a database in a highly available manner.  In this blog, we present our recipe for MySQL high availability....

Adopting a low-ops approach with software operators

By Michael C. Jaeger, 22 June 2023

How enterprise DevOps teams can automate repetitive tasks while staying in control  Low-ops means minimising the effort for operating applications by...

Kubecon EU 2023: Operator Day hosted by Canonical – recordings available

By Michael C. Jaeger, 9 May 2023

The Operator Day at KubeCon EU 2023, hosted by Canonical, took place on Monday, 17 April  2023. We thank everyone for attending the event. Our thanks go out...

Phoenix Systems sets a new standard for secure cloud services with Canonical and IBM

By Felipe Vanni, 12 April 2023

Phoenix Systems, a Swiss company, partnered with IBM and Canonical to create a hyper-secure OpenStack cloud focused on data sovereignty and data protection....

The Indico software operator is now available to optimise event management

By Michael C. Jaeger, 24 March 2023

With Juju, Indico can be easily deployed on private clouds as well as on a public cloud. Juju and Charmed Operators provide for all the elements of Indico,...

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