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cloud, containers

Accelerated ML experiments on MicroK8s with InAccel FPGA Operator and Kubeflow Katib

In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate FPGAs with Kubernetes and accelerate the hyperparameter tuning of your ML models.

Difficulty:2 out of 5

Running a container with the Docker blueprint in Multipass

Running a Docker Container in Multipass

Difficulty:2 out of 5

Testing the self-healing of ZFS on Ubuntu 20.04

Enabling ZFS on 20.04, creating a test pool and recovering from deliberate disk “corruption” with ZFS mirrored vdevs

Difficulty:2 out of 5
raspberrypi, microk8s, portainer

Self-healing Kubernetes deployments with MicroK8s and Portainer

Get a self-healing Kubernetes deployment on your Raspberry Pi with MicroK8s and Portainer

Difficulty:2 out of 5
desktop, multipass, ubuntu, server, libvirt, landscape

Multipass and libvirt VMs on Ubuntu, managed via Landscape

Launch a VM via Multipass on Ubuntu, set up Landscape in this isolated environment, and configure it to monitor and manage all your other Ubuntu VMs.

Difficulty:2 out of 5
cloud, server, aws

Updating Ubuntu Pro servers automatically with AWS Systems Manager

How to use AWS Systems Manager console for updating Ubuntu servers automatically.

Difficulty:2 out of 5

Install Ubuntu desktop

How to install Ubuntu Desktop on your laptop or PC.

Difficulty:2 out of 5
iot, desktop

How to install Ubuntu on RISC-V HiFive boards

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Ubuntu on the RISC-V HiFive boards

Difficulty:2 out of 5
cloud, azure

Using Azure AD to manage SSH logins to Ubuntu

Learn about managing SSH logins for Ubuntu virtual machines on Azure using Azure Active Directory.

Difficulty:2 out of 5
server, security, ua, pro

Using the Ubuntu Pro Client to enable FIPS

How to use the Ubuntu Pro client to enable FIPS cryptographic modules on Ubuntu.

Difficulty:2 out of 5
server, desktop, ua

Using the UA client to enable the CIS benchmarking tool

How to use the UA client to access and enable the CIS benchmarking tool on Ubuntu and Ubuntu Pro images.

Difficulty:2 out of 5

How to use Raspberry Pi GPIO pins with Ubuntu

Take control of the GPIO pins of your Raspberry Pi. This tutorial will show you ho to get started with the LGPIO library, including examples using basic GPIO control, I²C, PWM, and SPI.

Difficulty:2 out of 5
cloud, azure

Purchasing and Applying 16.04 ESM from the Azure Marketplace

How to purchase Extended Security Maintenance from the Azure Marketplace and apply this to your Ubuntu 16.04 Azure VMs.

Difficulty:2 out of 5

Enabling secure boot and full disk encryption on Ubuntu Core

Learn how to enable Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and Secure Boot on Ubuntu Core for devices with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support.

Difficulty:2 out of 5

How to write an Ubuntu guide

Learn how to create, write and publish guides on, reaching a wide audience of both beginner and advanced Linux users.

Difficulty:2 out of 5