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USN-974-2: Linux kernel regression

26 August 2010

This update provides a fix for the Linux kernel when using Xen.



  • linux - The Linux kernel


USN-974-1 fixed vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel. The fixes for
CVE-2010-2240 caused failures for Xen hosts. This update fixes the

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Original advisory details:

Gael Delalleu, Rafal Wojtczuk, and Brad Spengler discovered that the memory
manager did not properly handle when applications grow stacks into adjacent
memory regions. A local attacker could exploit this to gain control of
certain applications, potentially leading to privilege escalation, as
demonstrated in attacks against the X server. (CVE-2010-2240)

Kees Cook discovered that under certain situations the ioctl subsystem for
DRM did not properly sanitize its arguments. A local attacker could exploit
this to read previously freed kernel memory, leading to a loss of privacy.

Ben Hawkes discovered an integer overflow in the Controller Area Network
(CAN) subsystem when setting up frame content and filtering certain
messages. An attacker could send specially crafted CAN traffic to crash the
system or gain root privileges. (CVE-2010-2959)