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How to Set Patch Sync Filters

Livepatch on-prem enables users to synchronise with the hosted server, and this synchronisation process is configurable.

The primary synchronisation filters are:

  • System architecture for limiting patches via architecture
  • Flavours for limiting the kernel flavour
  • Minimum kernel version, only allowing versions greater than the minimum to be sychronised.

Here is an example that you can run in the shell:

juju config livepatch \
    sync_flavors=generic,lowlatency,aws \
    sync_architectures=amd64,s390x \

In the example above:

Parameter Description
sync_flavors Comma-separated list of kernel flavors to download patches for.
sync_architectures Comma-separated list of kernel architectures to download patches for.
sync_minimum_kernel_version A minimum kernel version of format “0.0.0” denoting the lowest kernel version to download patches for.

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