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Published: 14 October 2017

Remote code execution occurs in Apache Solr before 7.1 with Apache Lucene before 7.1 by exploiting XXE in conjunction with use of a Config API add-listener command to reach the RunExecutableListener class. Elasticsearch, although it uses Lucene, is NOT vulnerable to this. Note that the XML external entity expansion vulnerability occurs in the XML Query Parser which is available, by default, for any query request with parameters deftype=xmlparser and can be exploited to upload malicious data to the /upload request handler or as Blind XXE using ftp wrapper in order to read arbitrary local files from the Solr server. Note also that the second vulnerability relates to remote code execution using the RunExecutableListener available on all affected versions of Solr.

From the Ubuntu security team

Michael Stepankin and Olga Barinova discovered that Apache Solr was vulnerable to an XXE attack. An attacker could use this vulnerability to remotely execute code.



CVSS 3 base score: 9.8


Package Release Status
Launchpad, Ubuntu, Debian
Released (3.6.2+dfsg-10+deb9u1build0.17.10.1)
bionic Not vulnerable
cosmic Not vulnerable
disco Not vulnerable
eoan Not vulnerable
precise Does not exist

trusty Does not exist
(trusty was needed)
upstream Needed

Released (3.6.2+dfsg-8ubuntu0.1)
zesty Ignored
(reached end-of-life)