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OpenStack resources

All you need in one place

Explore a collection of useful resources that will help you understand and evaluate OpenStack.

Whitepapers, blogs, customer stories, webinars, and more are conveniently collected here. We'll guide you through what each resource is about.

OpenStack whitepapers

RedHat OpenStack Platform vs Canonical's Charmed OpenStack

Red Hat and Canonical each offer their own production-grade OpenStack distribution, however, this has been achieved using a completely different approach towards OpenStack deployments, operations and support.

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All OpenStack and private cloud whitepapers

This is a library of all Canonical whitepapers on OpenStack and private cloud

OpenStack webinars

OpenStack Yoga: what's new?

The 25th release of OpenStack, Yoga, sets a foundation for next-generation, highly performant infrastructure, using SmartNIC cards and integrating them with the Neutron Open Virtual Network (OVN) driver.

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All OpenStack and private cloud webinars

This is a library of all Canonical webinars on OpenStack and private cloud

OpenStack case studies

Firmus builds a supercloud with Canonical

Cloud data centres are some of the most egregious offenders when it comes to emissions and environmental impact. With demand for cloud computing rising exponentially, overcoming climate challenges requires a fundamental change in data centre technology – and Firmus has the answer.

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All OpenStack and private cloud webinars

This is a library of all Canonical case studies on OpenStack and private cloud

OpenStack blogs and related topics

This rich set of content covers everything from high-level product announcements to hands-on technical guides that dig into more complicated topics.

Scroll through our entire library of blogs about OpenStack and private-cloud.

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More OpenStack resources

Once you get started with OpenStack, start reading our library of resources, that includes tutorials and documentation on various topics.


Starting with just your workstation, learn how to use OpenStack for cloud infrastructure implementation purposes, from a single-node installation to large-scale clusters using a series of tutorials.

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Deploy your own infrastructure based on Charmed OpenStack and benefit from full automation and rich lifecycle management capabilities. Charmed OpenStack is a cost-effective cloud platform designed to host mission critical applications.

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OpenStack pricing calculator

Should your workloads run in a public or private cloud?

Depending on your requirements, overall CapEx and OpEx costs and cost-per-resource metrics, it may be more economical to run your workloads in the private cloud. Use the following private cloud pricing calculator to estimate the costs of running your instances in the Charmed OpenStack private cloud. And see how much you can save compared to the public clouds.

Number of instances A number of virtual machines that will run on the cloud.

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Have non-standard requirements?

Tell us more about your specific needs here – we will send you a detailed report and help you find the cloud architecture that best suits your requirements.

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Beyond OpenStack

Explore the following resources to learn more about various cloud architectures and how to effectively use Ubuntu in public cloud infrastructure.

What is hybrid cloud?

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What is multi-cloud?

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Ubuntu for public clouds

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