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OpenStack Yoga: What’s new?

Learn about the latest release of OpenStack

The 25th release of OpenStack, Yoga, sets a foundation for next-generation, highly performant infrastructure, using SmartNIC cards and integrating them with the Neutron Open Virtual Network (OVN) driver. Network-intensive services, such as telco NFV, media streaming, traffic analysis or HPC usually require high-speed packet processing to meet user demands. With OpenStack network components running on SmartNICs, those services now benefit from lower latency and higher throughput, effectively answering industry needs.

During this webinar, Kendall Nelson — Senior Upstream Developer Advocate at the Open Infrastructure Foundation — will walk you through everything new in the upstream OpenStack Yoga. Later, Tytus Kurek — Product Manager at Canonical — who will cover all new features and extensions available in OpenStack Charms 22.04 release and highlight the benefits of running OpenStack Yoga on Ubuntu LTS. The webinar will follow with a brief demo by Frode Nordahl — Senior Engineer at Canonical — during which he will demonstrate how to configure Charmed OpenStack with OVN offloading to SmartNICs.

Register today for the webinar on 20th April at 6PM CET, to learn more about the new release and ask your questions to our experts!