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Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro is Canonical's service package for Ubuntu. It offers tiered levels of support for desktop, server and cloud deployments. In this section, you can see our service description, but don't forget that there will still be some details in your customer agreement that are specific to your deployment.

If you're interested in support for an Ubuntu deployment or you're a reseller and you want to offer it to your customers, you can learn more about Ubuntu Pro here.

Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro service description

This describes the services we provide to our Ubuntu Pro customers. It mentions several Canonical products, but please note that we can only provide services for the products listed in your customer agreement.

View the Ubuntu Pro service description ›

Ubuntu Assurance

The Ubuntu Pro Assurance Programme provides indemnification from Canonical against claims of intellectual property infringement support customers might face as a result of using Ubuntu. This agreement is part of all Canonical support contracts.

View Ubuntu Pro Assurance ›

Ubuntu Pro terms

This agreement sets out Canonical's standard service terms for Ubuntu Pro customers.

View the Ubuntu Pro service terms ›

Ubuntu Pro Personal terms

The terms of service of the free personal use of Ubuntu Pro on up to 5 machines

View the Ubuntu Pro Personal service terms ›