Charmed Kubernetes partners

It takes an open ecosystem to solve the diverse challenges of private cloud infrastructure across every sector and in every region. Our partners ensure that you have the widest range of capabilities available for automated integration in your Kubernetes on OpenStack cloud, and that you can get insight and support locally.

Technology and product partners

Rancher Labs

Rancher provides a turn-key application delivery platform, built on Ubuntu and the Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes (CDK). Maximise developer velocity, integrate CI/CD, and ease the path from development into production with enterprise-calibre container management. Canonical delivers a cloud-native platform in partnership with Rancher Labs.

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In partnership with Google

Google and Canonical together enable smooth hybrid operations between Google’s Container Engine (GKE) and Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) services with Ubuntu worker nodes, and the Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes. Choose Charmed Kubernetes to be sure your container workloads can migrate to GKE or EKS thanks to our kernel-to-k8s alignment.

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JFrog Artifactory

JFrog Artifactory is the enterprise-ready Kubernetes registry fully integrated with both Rancher and the Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes. Long known to developers, Artifactory provides the governance, audit capability and artifact management. Canonical partners with JFrog to integrate CDK with a single point and click installation using conjure-up.

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