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How-to topics

If you have a specific goal, but are already familiar with Kubernetes, our How-to guides are more specific and contain less background information. They’ll help you achieve an end result but may require you to understand and adapt the steps to fit your specific requirements.

There are a large number of guides, so we list them here by the same categories used in the navigation.


There are also two 'special case' scenarios we provide guidance for:

Cloud integration

CNI and networking

Charmed Kubernetes supports a wide variety of network options for your cluster, provided by additional charms.

Container runtimes

In addition to the standard runtime, Charmed Kubernetes supports a variety of container runtime options.

Operating Kubernetes

These guides demonstrate the common tasks any user is likely to need:

There are additional services supported by the Charmed Kubernetes team, which can be added to your cluster, or further configuration made to the default setup which are covered in these guides:

If you run into trouble, please see the troubleshooting guide:

High availability

Charmed Kubernetes supports enhancement for High Availability through a variety of approaches. Follow the links below for more information:

Securing your cluster

The term 'security' covers a great many subtopics related to running a Kubernetes cluster, ranging from aspects of the workloads to the underlying OS. Please see the overview of security page for a better understanding of the approach to securing your cluster.

The guides in this section contain How tos for pursuing specific security goals:

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See the guide to contributing or discuss these docs in our public Mattermost channel.