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What is so Pro in Ubuntu Pro

Want to reduce your average vulnerability exposure from 98 days to just 1 day?

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Open source is everywhere, but what’s its role in your company? According to Synopsys 2023 OSSRA research, around 96% of companies use open source in their codebases. From which at least 84% contained known vulnerabilities.

Nowadays vulnerability exposure lasts for around 98 days, which means that the majority of companies are not fixing known vulnerabilities in their codebases for 3 months. This is simply not acceptable.

With this in mind we created Ubuntu Pro.

Ubuntu Pro is an additional set of features on top of your existing Ubuntu LTS. The LTS is still secured in exactly the same way it has always been, with five years of security updates for the ‘main’ packages in the distribution, and best-effort security coverage for everything else.

Ubuntu Pro is an additional stream of security updates and packages that meet compliance requirements such as FIPS or HIPAA, on top of an Ubuntu LTS. Ubuntu Pro was launched in public beta on 5 October, 2022, and moved to general availability on 26 January, 2023. Ubuntu Pro provides security fixes for the entire distribution (‘main and universe’ packages) for ten years, with additional extensions for industrial use cases.

You can register here, or attend our webinar on LinkedIn by simply entering the event.