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Ubuntu or macOS: a guide for enterprise developers and IT administrators

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The choice of empowering enterprise developers with either macOS or Ubuntu is a strategic one that involves careful consideration of the unique needs of your developers and IT administrators. macOS has long been a favourite among developers for its robust functionality, high performance unix-like development environment and sleek design.

However, as the businesses focus on cost optimisation, centralised management, and a growing preference for open source development tools, organisations are prompted to reassess their dependence on macOS.

This guide aims to empower businesses with the insights needed to make a well-informed choice between macOS and Ubuntu for their developers. It will delve into the advantages of the Ubuntu ecosystem, the options available to Ubuntu developers, and other factors critical to this important business decision.

What's inside?

  • Ubuntu and macOS: developer experience compared
  • Ubuntu and macOS: the IT admin experience
  • Compliance in highly regulated environments
  • Alternative solutions to empower Ubuntu developers

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