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Telco edge cloud automation at scale

How to automate your cloud-native edge cloud deployment, maintenance and operations

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Edge clouds are one of the main building blocks of modern telecom infrastructure, bringing performance and cost-efficiency to telecom systems, and better user experience in network services.

By deploying cloud computing capabilities closer to where users and end-devices are located, a telco operator can run its services more effectively, benefiting from reduced latency in delivering services to consumer devices and business systems. Furthermore, edge computing capabilities enabled at an edge cloud bring a plethora of business applications to users and devices running on cloud-native environments as microservices.

Kubernetes systems provide modern cloud-native execution environments for software applications, and are getting increasingly more popular in the telco sector in recent years, thanks to their self-healing and container orchestration capabilities. The flexibility and scalability of Kubernetes makes it ideal for micro-services-based 5G mobile networks, and multi-access edge computing (MEC) applications.

In this webinar, Canonical and Spectro Cloud will explain how their combined telco edge cloud solution provides automation, scalability, and flexibility to operate edge clouds with Kubernetes on bare metal for the best application performance.

Join us to find out how you can address common challenges, such as:

  • Bare metal automation at scale to reduce operational costs and deployment times
  • Meeting security compliance requirements such as timely security patches, confined execution spaces, and tenant isolation
  • A repeatable pattern in deployments and centralized management


  • Serdar Vural, Product Manager, Telco
  • Pedro Oliveira, Senior Solutions Architect at Spectro Cloud.