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How to: Secure Embedded Device Management

How to manage your Ubuntu devices at scale with Landscape or Azure IoT Edge

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When it comes to enterprises, it’s hard to escape the relentless march of IoT. Devices are being installed in the corners of factories, offices, vehicles, hospitals and schools, quietly monitoring and controlling their environments for significant positive gains. Using this network of devices makes data collection and analysis easy – aiding with operational efficiency optimisation, rapid fault detection and rectification, remote management, and sustainable working practices.

Manufacturers have found that they can take advantage of open source operating systems (OS) and applications to rapidly develop these new devices. But they also discover, sooner or later, that the maintenance of the devices becomes a challenge and a burden in the long run as the number of devices in circulation starts to grow exponentially.

With the need to maintain security and regularly update devices becoming a critical concern for device manufacturers and customers alike, device management solutions are needed that can scale as your fleet grows without significantly increasing the effort and resources required to stay on top of your infrastructure.

This whitepaper explores:

  • How Ubuntu can provide a robust, stable, secure and reliable foundation for your IoT devices
  • Strategies and tools that you can use to manage IoT fleets at scale, including an in-depth look at Canonical’s own Landscape solution as well Azure IoT Edge from Microsoft.
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