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Building a private cloud? Take the leap!

With Ubuntu OpenStack, you can deploy a cloud infrastructure on your laptop or on a small group of test machines to get your cloud strategy underway. However, the test environment is a lot smaller and a lot simpler than a production cloud, which means a proof of concept can only take you part of the way.

To make the transition from an Ubuntu OpenStack POC to private cloud in production, you have to be fully prepared for the organisational and technical complexity that a cloud infrastructure introduces to your organisation.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • how to move your Ubuntu OpenStack private cloud from the proof-of-concept stage to a production environment;
  • best practices on running your Ubuntu OpenStack private cloud in production and making it future-proof.

“Using Ubuntu OpenStack is enabling NEC to maximise margins on cloud services, minimise cloud deployment risks and speed up time to market.”

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