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Canonical at NVIDIA GTC 2022

Join us on September 19-22!

Visit our microsite at GTC

As a strategic partner of NVIDIA, Canonical is proud to be one of the leading sponsors of the NVIDIA GTC again! Join us virtually at NVIDIA GTC on September 19-22 to explore the latest technology and business trends and learn from experts on how AI and the evolution of the 3D Internet are profoundly impacting industries and society as a whole.


Scalable open source from the data centre to the edge

Integrate NVIDIA’s technology with the entire spectrum of open source - across all infrastructure pillars - with the most popular Linux distribution, delivered by Canonical. NVIDIA’s technology provides superior performance advantages, supporting compute-intensive use cases, such as AI/ML or visualisation (GPUs), ensuring CPU offloading capabilities (DPUs) and energy efficiency through hardware visualisation capabilities (vGPU). Canonical provides cost-effective infrastructure where NVIDIA’s goodness is natively available, enabling enterprises to enter AI/ML and visualisation spaces faster.

During NVIDIA GTC 2022, Canonical will be hosting a joint panel featuring experts from NVIDIA talking about how leading telco corporations run on Canonical infrastructure and the benefits of leveraging Canonical and NVIDIA’s work together. Please check out the details below and reserve your free spot for the session today!

Visit Canonical’s microsite at GTC

Canonical’s Panel at GTC

“How Telcos Leverage Canonical and NVIDIA for AI Infrastructure and Accelerated Visualization”

Whether deployed at the cloud or at the edge, applications leverage NVIDIA GPUs for accelerating AI, NVIDIA Virtual GPU (vGPU) for accelerating visualization workloads, MIG or Bluefield DPUs and ConnectX cards to offload and speed up networking.

In this free form discussion, the panelists will touch upon a variety of topics including

  • Why GPUs are a key hardware component in making any 5G, OpenRAN and Multi-Service use deployments deliver on their ROI promises
  • How vGPUs form a key enabling technology in next generation services created by companies like Vodafone R&D in their exploration around Edge hosted Smartphone solutions for low ARPU markets
  • Real-life examples of work that NVIDIA and Canonical do to bring the best experience to Ubuntu - the popular open-source OS from the cloud to the edge
  • The benefits that Canonical’s Charmed Openstack and Kubernetes brings in conjunction with NVIDIA vGPU technology for telco and enterprise
  • How NVIDIA Aerial and Canonical jointly deliver technology enablers to help telco customers with their AI on 5G deployments
  • How telcos and enterprises can leverage Ubuntu and open-source technologies for more efficient datacenter and edge deployments

Moderator: Maciej Mazur, Product Manager of Telco, Canonical

Panel Members:

Shuvo Chowdhury, Principal Product Manager, NVIDIA

Arno Van Huysteen, CTO, Global Service Provider, Canonical

Lokesh Batra, Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

Billy Olsen, Director, OpenStack Engineering, Canonical

Watch the on-demand virtual panel below