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Model-driven observability with Prometheus, Alertmanager, Grafana and Loki

Leveraging Juju to remove toil out of best-of-breed open-source observability

The end-to-end monitoring of complex software systems is difficult, toil-intensive and error-prone. Developers, SREs and Platform teams must continuously invest effort in setting up and maintaining the monitoring setups that underpin the observability of their systems, or accept the risk of being unaware of ongoing issues and their impact on end users. Enter model-driven observability powered by Juju!

Model-driven observability: Simplify monitoring for your cloud-native applications with Juju

Juju is a framework for opinionated “charmed operators”, colloquially called charms, that manage other software, like your databases, applications and other infrastructure components (including Kubernetes, OpenStack and LXD). Juju is declarative and model-driven, allowing you to compose charms and the relations between them in expressive, reusable and portable models.

December, 15th | 2:30PM CET

In this technical session, you will learn:

  • How to deploy an entire observability stack on MicroK8s with one command
  • How a charmed operator for a Spring Boot application looks like
  • How to add observability to charmed operators in terms of metrics, logs and dashboards with a few lines of code
  • Consume telemetry from your charmed operators in a highly integrated way, toil free!

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  • Michele Mancioppi — Product Manager (Canonical)
  • Simon Aronsson — Engineering Manager - Observability (Canonical)


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